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Catherine's Legacy


Catherine’s Legacy presents a wide-variety of original designs and photos for Greeting Cards. We will also customize and personalize when requested.

To call or email her for information just click: Sister Judy.


Just Click on the link for the Catherine’s Legacy Catalog and you will be able to view some 200 different Greeting Cards. On page one you will find an index, a description of other custom orders and how to order. You will also find sizes and prices. You may also print the catalog. If you would like a hard copy of the catalog, just let me know via email or phone.

With professional artist Sister of Mercy Judy Ward, RSM seen in the montage at left, creating your one-of-a-kind design will be a joy, and she'll strive to accommodate your every printed need.

Photo restoration is also readily available! Just click on the link "Photo Restoration" to see the "miracles" Sister Judy can accomplish!

Although Catherine's Legacy isn't as large as some major card manufacturers, we make every effort to deliver greetings created individually for each recipient. Sister Judy strives to give customers the highest quality product available commercially while retaining the convenience of a small town stationery shop. Judy does all her own designing, photography, printing, cutting, folding and packaging with the help of her colleague Sister Rose Mary Malague, RSM. Her longtime friend, Sister Daniel Schroeder, RSM helped initiate the ministry and worked on it until just recently. She is now our emeritus staff member and supports us in prayer.


After all, what other stationer is happy to incorporate your special needs into their designs and do so with a prayer in her heart for each recipient?

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